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"We're all big kids at heart."

All our stories are created in cosmic ash and star dust. The books are conceived from the spark of a child's imagination (Harry aged 6) and then Daddy (age top secret) works his magic adding in humour for the adults. Parents spend as much time as kids reading bedtime stories so ours are aimed at both!

We love telling stories and who better to tell them than a six year old and his Daddy?


Written, illustrated and published by father and son team Daddy and Harry.

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What lovely lovely books!

We love both of these! Such gorgeous pictures. Colourful, happy and cute :) The kids love them.


The Book of Cuddles is fun and happy and is a great way of helping younger children learn the alphabet.


Skinny the Spider is a lovely book for slightly older ones to read by themselves. It is written in such a lovely way, and illustrated beautifully, to make it engaging for both the kids and the adults.


I can't wait for the next ones to come out!

Thank you so much Daddy and Harry. Keep on writing!! :)


- Catherine Szelazek-Samuels -

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Daddy and Harry books

Skinny the Spider was enjoyed immensely by all my own children and the children I look after. The book is a lovely size for sharing (nice and big) and the full page illustrations are bright, colourful and full of details that provoke further discussions with the children. The story is simple and easy to follow and there are lots of characters for children to identify with. My 7 year old loved reading the story herself and my 2 year old asked for Skinny repeatedly for his bedtime story (rather than 3 stories, he just wanted me to read Skinny 3 times in a row!)


The Alphabet of Cuddles is a smaller book which suits this story. It is a lovely concept for a book and can be used as a great tool for interaction, especially with under 5s.


Both books are wonderfully illustrated and very engaging as well as providing opportunities for extending the play and learning opportunities (what would Skinny do if he lived in our house? Can you think of a different kind of cuddle?)


We will be looking out for more books from Daddy and Harry!


- (Mum of 4 and childminder) Julie -

Fantastic Story and illustrations

We've recently read two of Daddy and Harry's books. The first "The Alphabet of Cuddles" such a fun story to read. My 6yr old read it to my 3yr old, there was lots of giggles and frolics as they both tried all the cuddles in the books. My eldest liked all the made up cuddle words!


The second book was "Skinny the Spider" before we even got to the story the kids were full of hysterics at the spider illustrations at the start! The story was simple and easy for the kids to read but full of imaI nation and little bit of mischief. We very much look forward to reading more from the Daddy and Harry range.


- Claire Penny -

Skinny The Spider

My almost four year old son Charlie thoroughly enjoyed me reading this book with him. In particular he loved the illustrations.

He has requested this book several times over the past few days.

Having heard there may be more stories of Skinny The Spider I will definitely be keeping my eye out as I will be sure to purchase a copy!


- Terri -

Skinny The Spider, & The Alphabet of Cuddles

These books are absolutely lovely. Beautifully illustrated, colourful, and amusing to read, grown-ups and children alike will adore these.


We have five children aged 14, 10, 7, 4 & 3 years, and all apart from the teenager, who isn't interested in anything other than Minecraft, loved them.


It has been a challenge to get them to sit and read any book from cover to cover, in particular the two youngest children (who have the attention span of neon fish), but not with these. In particular Skinny The Spider, which our three year old daughter wanted me to read to her no less than three times! She smiled throughout, and our four year old son was pleased with himself telling me about "the big big spider".


Our seven year old was really impressed, especially when I said that the books are a joint effort between father and son (he wants to see these books in school), and our ten year old daughter, despite always having disliked literacy, is now inspired to try her hand at her own children's stories and has asked when there will be more of these books. This is music to my ears.


I can't wait to see more of these delightful books.


- Amber -

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